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Twitter SEO Tips

Standing first in the queue of social networking sites,Twitter provides excellent microblogging and social networking service. In twitter usually users receive and send texts messages upto 140 characters that are today famous as tweets. Conceived and created by Jack Dorsey in March 2006,it had found its way into the market by July the same year. Within a few years it achieved dominance over all other social sites,as can be predicted from the fact that it had over millions of users registered with itself in 2012,handling billions of search queries and millions of tweets per day.

Having seen the wide usage of Twitter, today the buy cheap Twitter followers has become a very popular fashion that provides instant satisfaction as desired by both clients and businessmen. The viral fashion in which products gain likes and comments has accounted to draw more and more people to believe in this ongoing trend.The underlying fact is that whereas people do not hold products in high esteem when they receive few likes and followers,they tend to hold positive opinions for those products or services that have a high number of followers. Three major factors that are drawing more people to go for buy Twitter followers are

: -Desire to achieve greater authority and popularity:Having large number of followers on Twitter gives an individual the self satisfaction of being someone important,of whom being speak about,like and respect. Large number of followers also gives one the additional chance of improving one's social sphere and being approached by important firms to promote their goods or services.

- Getting hold of more real followers : Since humans rely mostly on figures, is it a common fact to find oneself being drawn towards those products that already have a large number of followers

. - Achieving greater content sharing:A large number of followers grant greater exposure of one's products thus increasing the chance of greater acceptance and promotion.

However it is annoying at cases when one finds people buying followers in very large numbers. The buy retweets has converted into a very big business and to make things worse, Twitter has used it to promote certain celebrities. Wheras the actual number of followers gives an estimate of the number of people who want to follow a particular user,Twitter exploits the services to help celebrities,who get million of followers instantly when the service forces users to follow them. Due to this promotional feature, personalities hold this service in high regards and promote it. This entire working is a carefully designed marketing strategy. The worst thing regarding this buying followers is that,it is now a days used as a remedial step to keep one's performance statistics from falling down as compared to concerned coworkers. Today one can get hold of about 1000 followers at cheaper prices of $5 to $20.However whereas in some cases legitimate followers are there,one may get cheated in scams advertisements as well. For example one may buy a large number of followers at a high price,but may not get the followers at all!!Thus they should be avoided unless and until one has concrete ideas regarding where to get actual followers.

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